Wednesday, 22 November 2006

18 Doughty Street Debut

Having not watched 18 Doughty Street before myself, I wasn't really sure how many people would tune in between 10pm and midnight on a Tuesday night, particularly when 2 of the guests were the CF Chairman and Deputy Chairman. I was pleasantly surprised - there was a pretty frequent stream of comments and interaction - through both MSN messenger and on the e-mail. The 50p charge for texts may have been why no text messages come through - not that I saw Zoe or Iain with a mobile phone at any stage.
The show that we had been asked to be on was 2 separate shows - firstly, Vox Politix: a general discussion of issues picked by the Presenters from the news of the last few days, and secondly the end of the day show which focussed on the next day paper's. Having had a discussion over the recent ITV / Sky / Murdoch issue and whether it was anti-competitive, and what should be done, it was rather ironic that the only newspapers that made it to the sofas were the Times and the Sun.
I managed to get a couple of plugs for CF in, and Zoe asked about what was going on at the moment. Clearly top of my priorities are our marginal seats branch creation programme, and we plugged the four events already in the diary for the next couple of weeks: Loughborough, Torbay, Worcester and Harlow.
From the comments so far, it seems to have gone alright, although I was pretty tired before we started (having gone straight from work), which might have explained why I was much quieter than usual (see Mark's blog!). I have to say that if I was tired to start with, I was exhausted after. Comments / feedback gratefully received.
Note: I've just had someone contact me to see that they can't find the show on the web page. I understand that 18 Doughty Street are having some problems with uploading previous shows, but that it should be up later today / tomorrow. But I am sure you have far better things to do with your time than watch Mark and me on internet TV.

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