Wednesday, 8 November 2006

Brokenshire appointed Shadow Minister for Home Affairs

I was delighted to see the news that James Brokenshire has been promoted to the Front Benches. James is a fantastic MP, an excellent campaigner, and one of the new intake that has already made a great impression. He is pictured above in Hornchurch Town Centre with David Davis, who visited the Hornchurch seat earlier this year to discuss crime and how it affects the local residents.

As part of the campaign team in Hornchurch that helped get James elected in 2005, I had the privilege to work along side him, and he is now a good friend. I wish James every bit of luck in his search for a new seat, as the Boundary Commission has abolished his seat for the next election. James deserves to be back in Parliament in 2009.

Other promotions are listed on Conservative Home. The new intake have supported a large number of CF events, particularly the New Members New MPs events that I arranged last year. We will be running some more of these next year, and are trying to arrange one outside London. It is great to see the new talent having more opportunities to get involved in important policy areas, and take on greater responsibility.

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