Monday, 27 November 2006


Tonight is the CWF President's Dinner which looks set to be a lavish and grand affair. Most exciting of all is that the key guest is The Right Honorouble Baroness Thatcher, who has assured the organisers that she will attend the reception and meet as many of the guests as possible.

I am really looking forward to meeting Maggie, particularly as I have never had the opportunity to do so before. I was lucky enough when growing up that my Dad worked in the Diplomatic Protection section of the Metropolitan Police and from when I was 2 until I was about 10 or 11 used to work at Downing Street (it might even be him in the background of this photo!), and also in Dulwich. Accordingly we used to get a Christmas card from her every year! When we had to write to a famous person (I was about 6 at this stage) I decided to write to her, as I had been so inspired by her and what she had done.

I understand that there are approximately 100 CF members attending the dinner, and so Mark Clarke, CF Chairman has offered to sponsor a reception for CF members. This will take place in the Opal Room from 6pm, with the CWF reception starting at 7pm. Unfortunately I can't enjoy myself too much tonight or be too hungover tomorrow as I have my first ever appearance at the Old Bailey tomorrow for a bail application. Although it is no different to making a bail application in a Crown Court, the mere fact that it is in the Central Criminal Court, which has so much history, and has seen so many great advocates is very exciting, and a tiny bit daunting.

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