Monday, 27 November 2006

CF Women's Conference Success

Yesterday I travelled back from Plymouth (having had about 2 hours sleep after my charity ball the night before) to attend the CF Women's Training Conference at CCHQ. When I arrived the day was in full flow, and the delegates were about to break for lunch. During the morning they had heard from Jonathan Isaby, Esther McVey and Iain Dale, and all seemed suitably motivated and informed.

After lunch, we handed over to Justine Greening, Ian Oakley (new PPC for Watford - good luck), and Stephen Castle to talk about being a PPC and being a councillor, what options were available, and what steps they would need to take to get there. Later on they were subjected to Mark and myself (separately) and also heard from Mary McLeod about being involved in an association - although K&C is a fairly atypical assocation I suppose!

The day was wrapped up by the main organiser - Jenni Hibbert. Jenni had done a fantastic job of pulling the event together and implementing Mark's idea and vision, to deliver something practical and inspirational. After this success, I am sure Mark's successor will be asking her to arrange something similar next year!

As with all CF events, the social side is as important as the training and the delegates stayed for drinks and dinner, with a few boys coming along to join us at this stage. Sheila Gunn gave us a speech after dinner describing her views of the Conservative Party, talking about why it is we get involved in politics as well as some entertaining John Major annecdotes.

The feedback received so far has been positive, although I am sure there are some suggestions for how to make the event even better than it was.

See Mark's blog for some lovely pictures of the day! There were 25-30 delegates, and a number of other people who popped in (including Caroline Hunt). This seemed to be a perfect number as the day was able to be fully interactive and a number of the delegates were attending their first CF event, and certainly their first CF conference.

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