Thursday, 30 November 2006

Harlow v Worcester

Tonight we have 2 marginal seats inaugaral events, 1 in Harlow (Karen Allen and myself in the blue corner!), and 1 in Worcester (Matt Richardson and Mark Clarke also in the blue corner!). We are also very grateful to James Dinsdale and Ann-Marie Bray for their respective help in these seats.

Both PPCs have been delighted so far with the efforts that National CF have made to build a branch in their seat.
"The offer from Conservative Future to help set up a branch has been hugely appreciated therefore and the help that CF members have already provided in supporting our canvassing and campaigning has been invaluable" - Robin Walker, Worcester PPC
"Having an active CF branch will be essential to winning the campaign in
Harlow... I have very much welcomed the support I have been getting from
National CF" - Rob Halfon, PPC Harlow

I will be attending Yates' wine bar in Harlow to meet with our new and existing members there. Karen is travelling down early and will be flyering the station alongwith the Association Chairman to capture people as they return from work, and I will be joining them a little later on. Please do come down (particularly if you are from Harlow / the surrounding area).

If you are interested in either Harlow, or Worcester, or any other marginal seats branch please drop me an e-mail.

DATE CHANGE: Loughborough CF event will be moved back to the new year owing to a recent date clash. Also, the Association are sending out youth surveys (which have been slightly delayed) to which we expect to get a good response, and more potential members.

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