Friday, 24 November 2006

News From the Bay

I am sat in an internet cafe in windy Torbay the day after the first Torbay CF event on our marginal seats initiative. I was joined by 9 Tories in the Devon Dumpling including the PPC Marcus Wood. Ranil and Christian from the exec made 5 hour round trip journeys to join us - and deserve a huge pat on the back for that.

We ended up entering the quiz and having a laugh playing Quiz bingo - each sheet has the numbers in different places. Once you've completed the quiz the answers are read out in a random order (a bit like the numbers in bingo) and whoever gets five answers in a line correct wins! Unfortunately it wasn't to be for us and the winner came in after about 8 answers I'm sure it was a fix.

Torbay has a number of active CF members, including the fabulous Hannah Dennison, who has just turned 18 but keeps some of the boys in order! They seemed really grateful that someone from London / National CF had made the effort to come down and visit them, and all of the members who attended went away enthused and saying that they will bring a new member (at least) each to the next event. In my experience, this is a great way to grow a CF branch, and to make sure that it remains friendly and active.

Perhaps the most random parts of the night were (in no particular order) ... Meeting a girl in the toilet and chatting about the quiz, life etc, and that I had come down from London. When she asked why I was there, i told her I was a tory and was here with the PPC and some other young people. She came over to meet Marcus, and even surrendered her e-mail address - another recruitment! Having had a fun (and loud night) I got asked by the quiz master to be Dolly the Dealer. I was relieved to discover that this was nothing to do with sheep but merely to be the ('glamorous'!?) assistant in a version of Play Your Cards Right. This saw the whole pub being told that I was there as a Conservative from London, and we managed to point out Marcus to the patrons. A number of them wandered round for a closer look later and he had a chat with a couple of people. So all in all a successful night, and a great place to start from, with the next event hopefully being bigger and better.

Today I am meeting the Leader of the Council, and if he has time, the new Conservative Mayor of Torbay, so hopefull we can make some more links and increase the profile of young Conservatives in the area.

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Marcus Wood said...

You made a very striking impression on the locals as 'Dolly'...

...and let's face it the Devon Dumpling will probably eventually recover; I mean some customers can't go anywhere else can they?

Seriously, a great night and thanks to you and your colleagues.