Sunday, 12 November 2006

On Saturday I headed to Swindon to join approximately 30 CF activists for a day (and evening) of campaigning in Swindon. This was a great start for Matt Richardson in his role of campaigning, and he had done an excellent job of organising and marshaling the troops.

During the day we canvassed 400 households and delivered approximately 3,500 leaflets. I was joined by four of the applicants for the marginal seats role, in advance of their interviews which will be held tomorrow afternoon (Monday 13th), as well as an applicant for the media and marketing role.

Onto the evening, and after a quick refreshing pint, we were back out with "Take Me Home" leaflets to promote the initiative of the council run night bus. Having left most of our number in the bar folding the leaflets for use later in the evening, Dave Sammels and I headed out to visit 10 bars in 30 minutes to put the leaflets out for those early evening drinkers.

Matt and I headed back to London (a 3 1/2 hour journey thanks to engineering works) at about 9pm, leaving a happy PPC and feeling pleased with a successful campaign day. From Justin's feedback it appears that the leaflets were well received, and many punters were reading them as Justin and his Swindon mob continued to visit the town's many bars later that evening!
Look out on Conservative Home for details of our next campaign day. Many thanks to Justin and Matt for their hard work in pulling Saturday together.

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