Saturday, 16 December 2006

CF Campaigning In Battersea

I joined Matt Richardson, Mark Clarke and Karen Allen at the Peabody Hall, Peabody Estate for training on how to run an effective campaign, and how to win a parliamentary seat, with Justine Greening. Following Justine, Nick Boles, who intends to put himself forward as a candidate for the London Mayoral Conservative primary, spoke about the London elections, and what he believed was required for the Conservatives to boot out Mr Livingstone.

After tucking into a hearty lunch we were ready to take to the streets of Battersea, blue santa hats at the ready! There were approx 25 CF members as well as a few 'locals', and between us we delivered over 9,000 leaflets, as well as letters to some houses on top of that. All in all a successful campaign day showing what CF can do when it mobilises, and offering our members training to take back to their areas, and to deploy for their own campaigns.

Given it was a Saturday so close to Christmas, and that many people had clearly had a big night the night before, it was great to see the numbers we had.

Come and join us for Ealing, Acton and Shepherd's Bush on 20th January, burn off those calories you've put on over Christmas, and catch up with old and new CF friends alike. Please put the date in your diary, and look out for more details in due course.

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