Wednesday, 20 December 2006

Classic FM & Hitting the Magic 40

Two bits of news grabbed my attention today on the Reform Media Summary - for those of you that don't receive it, it is a very helpful and succint summary of the key political stories from all the major newspapers with links.

Firstly the fantastic news in the Guardian that the Tories have hit the magic 40 again and are at their strongest for fourteen years. Labour remain the same, and the Lib Dems drop four points. What is great about this poll is the bits that go with it - firstly it shows that support since Cameron has become leader has increased and maintained that increase. Secondly the poll suggests that support amongst Conservative voters is increasing again, and that only 14% of our voters are likely to vote for UKIP. On the other hand, 32% of voters might vote for the Lib Dems, and 19% for the green party. Interestingly the poll puts national support for UKIP at 1% and for the Green Party at 3%.

This does seem to me to support Cameron's green agenda, as well as supporting the tone of his announcements including a focus on important issues such as social justice.

Secondly, and perhaps linked to these results is the news that Cameron has challenged Labour to call a snap election soon after Tony Blair stepped down, in an interview on Classic FM. The logic behind this is simple: Blair was elected on a mandate of serving a full third term, and the public should be able to choose between the Tories led by Cameron and Labour led by Brown or anyone else who isn't Tony Blair. He has a point!

Unless the next leader of the Labour party embraces the whole of the Labour Party manifesto from the last election, it is difficult to see how they can realistically continue to hold office and say that they have a proper mandate from the British public. It is however frustrating that despite having an 8 point lead in the polls, the fall of the vote in terms of constituencies does not mean that this is necessarily sufficient to see a Conservative victory.

That's why CF realises the importance of focussing our efforts on our marginal seats where a small swing can make a huge difference.

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