Friday, 29 December 2006

Dates for Your New Diaries...

A number of exciting events are already set out for 2007, so ready for those diaries that Father Christmas might bring, here are some dates to fill in:

Breakfast with Ed Vaisey - exclusive breakfast for up to 20 people at No 5 Cavendish Square on Monday 22nd January. Cost £23. E-mail to sign up. First come, first served.

New Members, New MPs - COMING SOON

Portsmouth (PPC Penny Mourdaunt): 8th January @ 8pm, and 28th March @ 8pm, both at the brilliantly named "The Honest Politician" pub, Elm Grove, Southsea
Solihull (PPC Maggie Throup): 9th January @ 8pm and 12th March @ 8pm both at "The Townhouse", Warwick Road

Loughborough (PPC Nicky Morgan): 16th January @ 7.30pm at the Griffin Pub, Ashby Square.
Wirral West (PPC Esther McVey): 6th February @ 8pm at "Koi", Wirral and 21st March @ 8pm at the Conservative Club, 24 Mells Drive, Wirral

Pendle (PPC Andy Stephenson): 15th March @ 8pm - The Sparrow Hawk Pub

I am also in contact with Mike Freer in Finchely to arrange the first CF event there. For any marginal seats events, please let me know if you are interested in attending, or if you have any contacts in any of these seats, on Craig Cox is co-ordinating Solihull, Wirral, Pendle and Portsmouth, and can be reached on


Deepak Gopi said...

Hi From India :):)
Happy new year

The Real Sporer said...

rsdvIts a trans Atlantic Happy New Year from another midlevel Pol from the Iowa, USA.

We took a shellacking in the mid-terms and one of my new jobs is the recruitment of better candidates (and political infrastructure reconstruction).

I'm linking this over on my blog-trying to provide a little cosmopolitan spirit in Iowa, the most political of the United States.