Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Epping Forest Council Goes Blue

A rather delayed write up of the results from last Thursday in the Epping Forest Grange Hill by-election, to which CF made a last minute vital contribution ...

Last Thursday night, the count went the Conservatives way with us winning by 23 votes, meaning Epping forest council is Conservative controlled for the first time in fifteen years! Congratulations to Kewal Chana on his election. With the vote being that close, it just shows what CF can do with a boost of legs, leafletting hands, and general morale.

Councillor Bob Church commented about the CF presence:
"As promised The Conservative Future led by its National Deputy Chair Claire Palmer put the “Plus” in our “Team Twenty” with a jolly good attendance. I really can say that CF provided a welcome contribution to our campaign which was not only timely and professional but with the fillip of a notable enthusiastic dedication to political betterment.

Ben Murphy Chair of the Epping Forest CF proved the catalyst here for organising the support of the Conservative Future. Well done to Ben because he actively joined in the action with his peers even though he was sporting a strapped arm. We outnumbered all others, Lib Dem, Labour, and BNP with our large group."
Well done Ben, and thank you to Bob for giving us plenty of leaflets to deliver and making best use of us.

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Benjamin said...

Sincere thanks to the TWENTY or so CF members who travelled from far and wide to come and support us in this important by-election. Without your help there is no doubt, we would not have won the seat...and taken control of our District Council.

We are very grateful indeed for your help.

Best wishes,

Ben Murphy
CF Chairman, Epping Forest