Monday, 18 December 2006

Havering CF Christmas Dinner

Following campaigning in Battersea, it was time to head back via my flat and a quick spruce up, and onto Romford for the Havering CF Dinner. We started with drinks at Number Ten, the bar of the Romford bowling alley, but also with a political name (Havering CF like to aim high!). And then onto dinner in the Outback Steak House with the lovely Lisa looking after us (much to the boys delight!).

We were joined by a political guest, who turned out to be none other than local MP and Havering CF legend James Brokenshire MP.

Mark Clarke also joined us, albeit having travelled via Chelmsford, although nothing to do with the CF branch there, and everything to do with getting on a non-stopping train! Oops. But he did bring blue santa hats with him!

Alas, no longer living in Upminster meant I had to leave to catch the last train back into town. But I hear the night continued long into the following morning, with no doubt some excellent dancing from GK.

Well done to Havering CF on a vibrant, successful Christmas dinner, with a great attendance, as well as to all their hard work through 2006.

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james_bury said...

Sounds like a great event, only sorry that i wasn't able to join you all this year. Hope you have a great Xmas,

ps. I heard that some fetching hats were being worn, any photos?