Saturday, 2 December 2006

Marginal Seats Update

On Thursday night I headed to Harlow for the first CF event under the marginal seats programme. We had about 25 CFers present, although it would be fair to say that not many people there were from Harlow constituency itself. However, it was a great opportunity for the PPC to meet the 2 Area Chairman for London North East and for Essex and to encourage them to take some of their members out to help where we need it most.

Worcester had more attendees, and more local people, which just goes to show how well splitting Worcestershire and Warwickshire into 2 much more manageable areas, and having a keen Area Chairman who knows that area very well can have a real impact.

There are certainly some learning points as well. We sent out a number of letters to encourage people to attend, but as is the case with the takeaway leaflet that comes through the door ... it is not until the third time that you see it that you might just have a look. We are always open to ideas as to how to attract our new members. So if you have a strategy that worked well in your area, or there was something that got you involved, please do send me an e-mail.

On a separate note I am pleased to announce dates for a number of other CF events:
Pendle: 18th December
Wirral West: 5th January
Portsmouth: 8th January
Solihull: 9th January

Further details to follow. A huge thank you to Craig Cox for all the hard work that he has been doing getting these four events in place. I know that Craig will be publishing an update / report in due course, on Conservative Home, so look out for that.

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Nick said...

The Worcester CF event was very good. The hard work Anne-Marie & her team are doing up there is really paying off. I fully intend to pinch all their good ideas to use in Gloucestershire :-)