Sunday, 24 December 2006


Being away means that there is not much CF stuff to write about, although there is plenty still going on with e-mails to members and planning marginal seats events for the New Year.

However, the great thing is, that I have been up on the slope(s) during the day, and on the computer when I come back down from the pistes. We only had one piste open this week, although an extra one opened yesterday, and the third open tomorrow.

Just goes to show the effects of global warming - as it seems there is a real problem with snow in Europe this year. Fingers crossed that this is a one off, and that the economies in these skiing towns continue to thrive. Fortunately the Swiss are organised and there is artificial snow, and therefore some skiing. Most of the locals haven't even put their skis on yet! But those who have (including the three year olds) are so good, and put me to shame! Mind you I have been skiing for just over a year.

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