Monday, 29 January 2007

18 Doughty Street Campaign

18 Doughty Street have set up a fabulous new set of campaigns which will be launched on Tuesday with the "What will they tax next?" campaign. The campaigns will be blog led and are in 4 stages.

Stage 1: Your Ideas For The Campaign Advert. The topic will be announced and the viewers / readers will have input by suggesting a basic concept for the advertisement.

Stage 2: You Vote On Recommendations From ‘X-Factor-Style’ Judges. Three ‘Ad-factor’ judges will evaluate the ideas suggested and will each champion one idea that they think will most likely produce an effective advertisement. The website will have the videoed recommendations to allow you to watch and vote on.

Stage 3: The Result Of Your Voting - pretty obvious! For those interested in the technicalities, it will be first-past-the-post with the idea that gains the most votes winning the opportunity to be made into a campaign by the Doughty Street crew.

Stage 4: The Launch Of The Campaign Ad - this will be launched every Tuesdaywith the aim being to spread the ad through the internet. There will also be background briefing on the ad’s themes and ‘action opportunities’ for people to get involved in campaigning on the issue.
Keep a look out on 18 Doughty Street for this.

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