Wednesday, 17 January 2007

18 Doughty Street

Either I wasn't too bad the first time I went on 18 DS, or they are desperate for people to come on the show, as I am back on from 10pm tonight. Joanne Nadler is hosting the show, which should make it good fun. I have had the pleasure of meeting Joanne a couple of times, firstly at a fantastic event run by Munish Chopra in Cities of London and Westminster, and then at the recent CWF journalists question time.

I have discovered upon returning from court that I we will be reviewing blogs, so I am currently spending a few manic moments catching up on blog postings from today and the news for the last couple of weeks. I can tell you great details of the going ons in Luton Crown court, but I feel a little cut off from the outside world!

The link to 18DS is here.

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