Thursday, 4 January 2007

Finchley and Loughborough

Tonight I am meeting with Mike Freer, the PPC for Finchley and Golders Green for a discussion on setting up a CF branch there, and hopefully helping him get into Westminster. We will be agreeing dates for the first two events tonight, and I will report those as soon as possible.

I spent part of yesterday discussing plans for the Loughborough event on 16th January with PPC, Nicky Morgan. The association are due to send out a letter to potential Conservative voters, as well as using the results of the Youth Survey to identify potential supporters to invite to the event. The Loughborough event is on Tuesday 16th January at the Griffin Pub.

If you live in Finchley or Loughborough, please drop me an e-mail:

UPDATE (12.45pm) Due to changing commitments I will not be meeting Mike this evening. We have however 2 dates for your diary, venue TBC: Wednesday 24th January and Thursday 15th February, both from 7.30pm.

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The Real Sporer said...

What is the typical/average age of a first time Conservative MP candidate?

I am looking to bring a little younger look to my geratric group and I would like to have a little anecdotal comparison to share with our State Central Committee (Republican Politburo).