Thursday, 25 January 2007

Finchley First Event

Last night I met up with local Finchley PPC, Mike Freer at the White Lion, near East Finchley tube station for a first CF event. Due to some spectacular work being done by Greg Stafford at exactly the same time Andy Peterkin and I were discussing this event, the event clashed with the Pitcher and Piano London North West drinks.

However, not to be deterred, I headed down for what ended up being a great night with a small but highly dedicated team of attendees, local Councillor Dan Thomas (CF member), local agent Rachel Shawcross (CF member), and two other party members (one male, one female) who are involved in Finchley. It was a great opportunity for members from different parts of the constituency to meet up and contribute to the beginnings of a great CF aged group.

The next event is just three weeks away - and we hope that the letters sent out to existing members, and those in Conservative households will have allowed a little more time for diary management, and a few more attendees. Next time we will be having a Pizza and Beer evening, meeting at... (the venue escapes me for the moment) E-mails and phone calls to existing but perhaps non-active members will be made to motivate the troops.

I hope that the P&P night went well - it's great to have events being organised even if they do clash - shows the strength of CF.

Finally, Finchley have asked me to remind you that there is a by-election in East Barnet at the moment and they are campaigning on Saturday 2nd February. Enfield Southgate CF and Peter Smallwood and team are heading up to help, so if you are from that neck of the woods, and have a spare hour, they will really appreciate it.

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