Saturday, 6 January 2007

Marginal Seats Update

The CF Leadership has prioritised dealing with building branches in marginal seats. So far we have had events in 4 marginal seats: Torbay, Worcester, Pendle and Harlow, with all the PPCs being pleased with the turnouts, and everyone enjoying themselves. In addition we have events organised, so by the end of January we will have had an event in 7 constituencies.

The first event of the New Year is tomorrow: Monday 8th January in Portsmouth. Details of all the events organised to date are:

Portsmouth (PPC Penny Mourdaunt): Monday 8th January @ 8pm, and 28th March @ 8pm, both at the brilliantly named "The Honest Politician" pub, Elm Grove, Southsea

Solihull (PPC Maggie Throup): 9th January @ 8pm and 12th March @ 8pm both at "The Townhouse", Warwick RoadLoughborough (PPC Nicky Morgan): 16th January @ 7.30pm at the Griffin Pub, Ashby Square.

Finchley & Golders Green (PPC Mike Freer): 24th January @ 7.30pm and 15th February @ 7.30pm, venue to be advised.

Wirral West (PPC Esther McVey): 6th February @ 8pm at "Koi", Wirral and 21st March @ 8pm at the Conservative Club, 24 Mells Drive, Wirral

Pendle (PPC Andy Stephenson): 15th March @ 8pm - The Sparrow Hawk Pub

Thank you to all the Executive members for all their hard work in looking after their seats. Craig Cox is looking after Pendle, Solihull, Portsmouth and Wirral West, and for organising two events in most of those. Karen Allen is the main contact for Harlow, and is holding an Action Day on 13th January to help promote the new CF branch initiative there. Matt Richardson has been working with Anne-Marie Bray to deliver results in Worcester, Christian Walker is responsible for Torbay, and Ranil Jayawardena is helping deliver in Finchley and Golders Green. I am delighted that James Dinsdale has joined the team, and he will be looking after Aberconwy and Loughborough, as well as continuing his involvement in Harlow.

If you are interested in attending any of the events, or have contacts in those constituencies, please contact the relevant executive member, or

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