Sunday, 21 January 2007

Hammersmith Success

Yesterday CF Exec members Karen Allen, Matt Richardson, Christian Walker, James Dinsdale, Mark Clarke and myself descended upon the new Hammermsith constituency for the third, and most successful, CF Action day this year.

We had 50 CF activists out alongwith Hammersmith association members and covered a large majoirty of the constituency. Initial estimates put the total number of leaflets delivered at 20,000, which is obviously a fantastic achievement.

Thanks particularly to Christian Walker who got a 7am train from Gloucestershire to be with us, James Dinsdale travelled from Bury St Edmunds and the Essex university team, led by Area Chairman, George Askew who braved a 6 hour round trip to offer their support. Thanks also to Greg Smith, and the team at Hammersmith for having the most organised action day I have seen so far with ready printed maps with phone numbers, and Hammersmith members to lead teams into the four corners of the constituency.

Well done also to Matt Richardson for organising this, and cajoling the attendees to attend! Look out for details of the next campaign day in Ribble South in early March. As we are often told to get out of London, we are hoping that many members will join us there.

Update: Matt Richardson has reported at the Exec meeting today that the 55 attendees to Hammersmith delivered 27,000 leaflets. Fantastic achievement and shows what CF can do en masse!
Join us in Ribble South on 3rd March for the next campaign day. Details to follow.

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Mark Loveday said...


Thanks to all of you for coming to help us in Hammersmith. Really great effort - and back in the pub by 4.00pm!

Come back soon.

Mark Loveday