Wednesday, 31 January 2007

What Will They Tax Next?

18 Doughty Street launched the first campaign yesterday with their "What Will They Tax Next?" campaign. A group of 16 activists joined Sam Coates and the Taxpayers Alliance to hand out "tax cards" to commuters in the Westminster area. The cards are those pictured in the advertisment, which hopefully can be found here.

Newsnight previewed the video on Monday night and interviewed Tim Montgomerie about the concept. It was also covered in the Times yesterday.

The campaign focusses on the increasing tax burden under Labour, and takes it to its fullest extreme with the scene finishing with a voluptuous woman and the star of the show who has had to use his tax credit card for everything else that day, wondering just what will be taxed next. People are feeling the pinch more and more as the cost of everything is rising, with the Government taking more and more, leaving us with less to deal with rising costs. And what are we getting for our money? Not improved public services.

Well done to 18 Doughty Street for highlighting this important issue. I am sure that there will be many more interesting topics over the next few weeks.