Thursday, 1 February 2007

Arctic Challenge

On Tuesday night I attended the farewell dinner for the Arctic Challenge team at Pomegranates Restaurant near Dolphin Square, Pimlico. The Westminster Challenge is a cross-party fundraising organisation raising money for 3 fantastic causes: The Children's Society, Cancer Research, and Crimestoppers.

From 9th – 16th February 2007 a cross-party team of intrepid Members of the House of Commons take on the Arctic. The team will travel in excess of 400 kilometres across Norway, Finland and Sweden powered by Husky dog sled. They will face temperatures as low as -40 and will undertake a number of tasks along the way including igloo building and ice-fishing.

Many of the team that are heading out to the Arctic attended with guest Lord Ashcroft making the main speech of the evening. Initiatives like this are fantastic, and I wish the team the very best of luck. Well done to Richard Stephenson and the rest of the Westminster Challenge Team for all their hard work in getting this project going. I wish them all a very safe journey!

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