Friday, 16 February 2007

Finchley Success

Last night I attended the second Finchley event, but the first we'd really publicised. It was a great night, and real progress. We had two new members - who bizarrely had the same surname but were not related! In addition there were a number of positive responses to e-mails and phone calls of interested people who couldn't make Thursday night. Additionally 3 more CF aged councillors came along meeting other CF members.

Many thanks to London West AC Greg Stafford who came along to support the event, and also to Peter Smallwood from Hillingdon Conservatives, who has written up the event here. Thanks also to Mike Freer, the PPC for his good humour and generosity. Finally thanks to Jo Vos who tried her best to attend but got in her car, and got to Finchley, only to discover she couldn't remember where it was we were meeting and had noone's number! Brilliant!

We will be looking to run another event in Finchley as well as a reception in the House of Commons during Easter recess. Mike is looking to have an Action Day one Sunday in March, and would appreciate local support. Let me know if you are interested.

I am sure that Worcester will have go excellently under the fantastic leadership of Anne-Marie Bray. Karen Allen and James Dinsdale will be in Harlow on Saturday for an action day and social event.

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