Saturday, 24 February 2007

Stop Rainham Jail

Today I joined James Brokenshire MP, Cllr Roger Evans AM and activists including members of Havering CF to launch the campaign to stop Rainham jail. We delivered a number of leaflets to local residents with posters and petitions, as well as visiting the site to briefly protest there.

Whilst we need more prisons, the National Offendors Management Office has not thought through this choice of site. The Beam Reach site has already been earmarked as part of the regeneration of Rainham as part of the Thames Gateway development. The area needs high tech manufacturing jobs and skilled business opportunities, which will not be brought with the building of a new prison.

James reports the launch of the campaign here.

There will be a public meeting on Friday 9th March at La Salette Parish Hall between 7-9pm.

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