Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Swiss Embassy Climate Change Event

Last night I joined representatives form Labour Students, Young Fabian Society, Lib Dem Students as well as Conservative and Labour MPs at the Swiss Embassy hosted Young Politicians Debate and Dinner 2007.

The Swiss were there in full force with representatives of their political parties: the Swiss People's Party, The Liberal Democrats (actually a centre / centre-right party - more libertarian), Social Democratic Party, Christian Demobcatic People's Party and the Swiss Green Party.

The evening started with a short introduction from Ambassador Lautenberg, and was chaired by Tom Levitt MP, the Chairman of the All Party Group on Switzerland. The debate covered the fascinating area of climate change and what we as politicians should and could be doing. Giving us his acadmeic views Dr Cameron Hepburn from the University of Oxford educated us with many of the areas that we could agree from.

My favourite part of the evening was the Chair of the Young Fabians starting his comments with "AS CAMERON SAID" - brilliant thinking to get a speaker called Cameron! The key part of the debate centred around the balance of intervention / action from local, national, and international levels. Jeremy Hunt MP did his best to convince a slightly hostile audience not to put all our faith in international organisations including the EU.

After a stimulating debate we headed upstairs for a wonderful 3 course dinner where we were reunited with like minded politicians. Jeremy Hunt MP, Graham Brady MP, Doublas Carswell MP and Andrew Rosindell MP all attended the dinner, although had to leave for a 3 line whip vote in the House of Commons at 10pm.

Many thanks to the Ambassador, and his staff, for pulling together a fantastic event. We are hoping that the Ambassador will host a CF reception over the next few months, and I will be working to pull this together.

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