Sunday, 18 March 2007

CF @ Spring Forum

I have not yet actually returned from Spring Forum in Nottingham as I have come straight to Manchester for a 5 day trial - so apologies if you don't hear straight back from me this week.

We had a great time at Spring Forum with Craig Cox having organised an excellent CF reception on Friday night, and a good crowd of CFers watching the rugby (even if the score was unfortunate), with a few people braving the 80s club of Reflex on Saturday night.

The politics was good too. We heard from all of the policy review groups as to what progress they are making and some hints as to direction and general scope of the reveiw. Cameron announced that these reports will be debated at this year's Party Conference, and formulated into more detailed policies next year.

As ever Hague gave an excellent speech, and received a lenghty standing ovation, and there was a focus on campaigning locally and our continuing work for the upcoming local elections.

On Sunday the Conference was closed by a speech from David Cameron who explained that in the same way that economic stability was what Margaret Thatcher realised was the problem of the 1970s and that was what she achieved, that today's problem is social stability. It truly is worrying with the increase in fatal stabbings and shootings particularly amongst the young, and any political party with a desire to do what is right for Great Britain must tackle head on this issue. And that is what Cameron is doing.

The weekend also focussed heavily on the NHS (and the Conservatives' NH Yes campaign). Cameron gave the NHS his full backing and promised to improve and build on. This followed the excellent decision of his to attend the march in London of the 12,000 junior doctors.

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