Saturday, 3 March 2007

Friday with Boris

I attended the classy Palms Hotel for Angela Watkinson MP's Westminster Dining Club event with the fabulous Boris Johnson MP as the guest speaker on Friday night. There were over 150 attendees with a mix of local businessmen, association and Party members, and a large number of CFers including a number of us that travelled out from the City, with the interest generated by the guest speaker.

Boris gave an excellent speech with a mix of humour and messy hair (as expected) but also some real focus on why he thinks the Conservatives will win the next election, and why we should! When he lef straight after his speech we weren't sure if he had headed back to London, or gone off to join Essex's finest disco, on which he seemed quite keen!

Councillor Gary Adams was on great form, delivering grace, and a number of HCF members attended - they have written up the event here.

1 comment:

Redbridge said...

Palms Hotel? In Essex? Classy? Its a known pick up for predatory middle aged women and drunken revellers using it to get a leg over... CF must have gobe down a treat!

Cant wiat till the next one - oooh er!

Essex Tory boy