Friday, 30 March 2007

Politics in Schools

Yesterday I gave a politics session to 20 schoolchildren from a grammar school from Oldham. The A-level students' teacher had written to CCHQ to ask if we could arrange a day for them. They joined me after a trip around the Houses of Parliament, and the chance to see the workings of Parliament.

We discussed how political parties recruit members, how people can join, as well as what the process is to become an MP. They also had a tour of the new CCHQ - as did I - and heard that you can work for a political party without being a politician - including as a graphic designer or press officer. And finished up with a question and answer session. Of course, no talk would be complete without mentioning the Boris Johnson ID cards campaign.

You may not know this but CF sends out mock election packs to schools which are a great way of engaging young people in politics when they are not yet quite old enough to vote. And more often than not the Conservatives do very well in the mock elections!

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