Sunday, 4 March 2007

Ribble South Success

Yesterday Matt Richardson pulled off the most successful CF campaign day ever when he grouped together 52 CF attendees from all over the country including Lancaster, Preston, Wirral, Chorley, Sheffield, London, Oxford and Manchester and bussed them in to South Ribble. A total of 72 people were out campaigning.

The team delivered over 20,000 leaflets, and canvassed 750 households. Mark Clarke and Paul Hayes from the CF executive also attended. I had never been able to attend (and sent my apologies) as I had a pre-existing Charity dinner that had been in my diary for 14 months when the date was announced at our last Executive meeting.

I understand that Lorraine Fulbrook PPC is over the moon!

This campaign day has shown a number of things - that we have strong CF branches in the north, and that they are keen to attend our campaign days. Next year perhaps we should have a campaign day in the north (or some distance from London) three times during the year, with minibuses organised to bus in our members, as well as campaign days every two months within an hour of London in our target seats.

That would be 9 National CF campaign days country wide within a 12 month period, and commensurate with what Matt Richardson has delivered this year in 9 months.


Anonymous said...

It really was a great day for South Ribble, with so many leaflets delivered.

Just thought I should say though that Lancaster CF was also present, as you didn't mention us in your post - we actually had the most amount of people of all the groups.

Claire Palmer said...

Thanks Tom. I have now updated the blog with details of attendees from other areas.

Well done for delivering so many people to Ribble, and thank you for all your hard work.