Thursday, 8 March 2007

Sutton & Cheam CF

Last night I joined members of Sutton & Cheam CF branch alongwith the PPC Philippa Stroud in the Harrow pub in the lovely Cheam Village, in Cheam. There were a good number of members there with a couple of people who are researchers in Parliament, with their finger on the pulse, as well as others keen to get involved.

They are looking to expand their branch and we talked about some of the ways they could do that. The Association seems very supportive, and in fact a couple of Executive members of the Assocation supported the event. Two local Councillors joined us later in the evening (1 CF aged).

I wish them the best of luck in growing their branch.

Philippa seems to have made strong progress in the early stages of her campaign, and had some exciting ideas of how to run the campaign. With her Centre for Social Justice background, she was able to offer exciting opportunities to those who attended in terms of work experience and volunteering.

It was however a slightly frustrating journey home - having missed the last direct train by a matter of seconds (at 10.43pm so not late) I had to change twice - including a taxi between West and East Croydon - and it took me 2 1/2 hours to get home! Thank you to National Rail Information for giving me incorrect information that there was a later train, or rather failing to tell me it was not a direct train!

If you have a CF event you want a member of the Executive to attend, please e-mail us and just ask.

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Lizzie Fison said...

Good to see you were able to attend. Sorry to have missed you - was pretty unwell on Wednesday and the travel home and back to uni would not have been a good idea for me. Very frustrating as had been looking forward to the event for ages!