Saturday, 14 April 2007

Local Elections and Marginal Seats

With the forthcoming local elections, the marginal seats programme has slowed down, to allow all our activists to focus on winning our target Council seats, and retaining our existing Conservative councillors.

A number of new events will be announced shortly including in Finchley, Great Yarmouth, and Pendle. We have achieved success in Harlow, Worcester and Loughborough, and those new CF branches and members are working directly with the PPC. I am continuing to support them by being available to advise and suggest ways forward, but we have handed over responsibility to the members in those seats.

Please do contact your local association if you have local elections, and find out where you can help best. May 3rd looks like it could be a very successful result for the Conservatives, and Labour are falling further and further behind in the polls and in public opinion. A list of target council seats was published in the most recent CF bulletin.

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