Saturday, 7 July 2007

Ealing Southall Success

Today a large number of CF members descended on Ealing Southall to help out the by-election candidate, Tony Lit, delivering huge numbers of leaflets across the constituency. Numbers of leaflets and attendees are to be confirmed.

It was great to meet Tony who will make a fantastic MP, and clearly has a lot of local connections, and respect. It was a sight and a half when 5 identical cars covered in stickers, and loudspeakers arrived at the station to pick up the first wave of volunteers. "Vote Tony Lit to change Ealing for good; vote Tony Lit for unity, vote Tony Lit".

If you couldn't make it today ... don't worry, we are back there next Saturday (14th July) - exact details to follow.

Please join the Facebook group to get updates on the campaign. If you have any spare time in the week, a day off in the week, or a free evening, please do contact the team there. If you would prefer to telephone canvass because you can't make it to the constituency, again your help will be much appreciated.

Well done to Mark Clarke and Matt Richardson for their organisation of today, as well as to the many others who seem to have moved to Ealing permanently for the by-election. Thank you to everyone who attended.

See you next week... !

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