Thursday, 25 October 2007

CF Campaign Day Pendle - Stop the BNP

Please see below for details from Matt Richardson for the next campaign day on NOVEMBER 3RD in PENDLE with the lovely and excellent PPC Andy Stephenson.

If you are able to attend - please contact Matt on, and register your interest - as you will see below, there is some transport arranged to help you get there.

"Pendle is the third most marginal seat in the North West of England (2,180 Labour Majority), located in Lancashire just above Burnley on the Yorkshire border. The BNP has been active in the Burnley and Pendle area for a number of years and it was in Burnley where the BNP won their first council seats for almost 10 years in 2002. By 2003 they had increased this number to 8 seats, making them the official opposition on Burnley Council. Despite polling strongly in a number of wards, the BNP did not win a council seat in Pendle until 2006. During 2007 we have successfully mounted a fight back against the BNP targeting the areas where they have polled strongly in the past. This led to a drop in their support across Pendle, and the BNP losing 3 seats in Burnley. We now hope to build on this progress by reaching even more people across Pendle with our Party’s positive message for our country, rather than the BNP’s hate filled agenda.It is really important that we show the BNP that Conervative Future, and the Conservative Party in general, will not tolerate their disgusting agenda.

In order to show that clearly I want Pendle to be the biggest campaign day yet, I will be able to provide a minibus to and from Pendle for any CF Branch who can guarantee 12 people attending. So far buses are going from:
  • Cities of London and Westminster
  • Sheffield
  • Manchester
  • Leeds
  • possibly from Essex University.

If your branch would like a minibus please get in touch on the e-mail address.

Matt Richardson CF Campaigns"

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