Friday, 5 October 2007

Post Conference

We had a great conference up in what was a relatively sunny Blackpool. In particular, CF had a great time and achieved a lot. We had three events whilst up there, and engaged in some social action.

The first event was with GirlGuiding UK and a very interesting launch of analysis into self esteem issues in the under 10s, on Sunday evening.

Monday afternoon saw the MTV event whcih had Jeremy Hunt MP and CF Chairman Mark Clarke amongst others.

Monday night was the CF party with about 200 attendees throughout the course of the evening, with a speech from Mark Clarke, and a short one from me!

And finally, but not at all least, on Monday afternoon we took a number of attendees down to the Grange Estate social action project, where CF was largely involved in dealing with the entrance to the project - there was a lot of digging - some might say no change for politicians!!! As well as a group of CFers that afternoon, other people went down to help during the course of the week for what was an excellent initiative.

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