Sunday, 25 November 2007

NME Meeting - 3rd December

On Monday next week (3rd December) we have an Executive meeting, so if there is anything you'd like me to raise, then do let me know. We will be discussing our plans for the final four months of office and making sure we can finish this year on a flourish. It's been a while since we had an Exec meeting (apart from the two in September below), and it will be good to get a comprehensive update on what everyone has achieved over the last six months. I find that having a meeting tends to focus everyone's mind, and motivates people to finish any outstanding tasks.

The last two meetings we had were to plan CF involvements had Gordon Brown had the bottle to call an election. I couldn't make one the second of these meetings due to a previous commitment which I made known at the time the meeting date was being discussed, but it was convenient for everyone else. I gave my input to Mark in advance of that meeting, which I assume was communicated, and as I understood it was fully involved in the planning process for this eventuality.

In the event, as we all know, Brown bottled it.

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