Thursday, 24 January 2008

CF Working Life Drinks

Last night I attended the CF working life drinks at the Pitcher and Piano, Trafalgar Square, organised by Karen Allen. There was a fairly low turnout (about ten in total - but see below), although it is January! However, the real positive is that we had three new members, who had never been to a CF event before. One of those was not yet a member of the Party but has been impressed with David Cameron and is going to sign up today. One other new face has been involved in CF outside of London, but has been out of the loop and needed an event like this to get involved down here.

These events really work for getting new members, and should be a regular feature of the CF diary - in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol. Last year we got along four new MPs to such events, which was a great opportunity to meet an MP, but also network and chat with fellow CFers. Maybe I'm biased as it was the area I looked after in my first year on the Exec. There are a number of MPs who have indicated that they would support these events if they were asked.

Karen had to head off so I held the fort until a large flock (about 40) of attendees arrived at about 9pm, led by Michael Rock. We kept the bar staff busy until closing time, when I understand a few hardcore went on for more drinks. Feeling my age, I headed home!

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