Wednesday, 30 January 2008

CF Dudley Campaign Day

So far this year, I have reported on all the campaign days run by the CF Executive including the number of attendees, and they have generally been a success.

Unfortunately this was not the case in Dudley South. The only attendee was CF Chairman candidate Michael Rock, but no one else attended, and this included the organiser of the campaign day, Matt Richardson. I had previously indicated that I was unable to attend, but at no point was I informed that the event had been cancelled. I entirely understand that campaign days depend on people being willing victims / volunteers, but this calls into the question the way the event is advertised, and whether lessons need to be learned. I have asked for an explanation of this.

Update 30/1/2008: I have received the following response back from Matt Richardson "It will all be in my report you will just have to wait until then, if you can manage the excitement. Matt"
Needless to say, I do not consider this to be an adequate response.

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