Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Recent Campaigning

On Easter Monday, we headed out for a delivery session in Bow, having fortified with bacon sandwiches. Phil Briscoe, myself and local activists delivered the latest Boris leaflet to nearly 2000 homes.

Then tonight, we followed up with some canvassing, and were delighted at the positive results that we got on the doorstep. Boris' nickname for Ken is looking more and more apt by the day - Mayor LeavingSoon!

Saturday, 15 March 2008

CF Success at Spring Forum

I have just got back from a successful Spring Forum up in Newcastle, having braved the journey back with a number of Chelsea Football fans and some Conservatives. We were told that the police on the train were for the football fans, and not us!

David Cameron made a number of announcements, but the real focus of the weekend was the importance of the family, and our proposals for supporting, encouraging and rewarding those that stay together, no matter what type of family arrangement.

On Friday night, CF took over Newcastle Revolution as members of the old and new NME, Newcastle CFers and those who had come to Spring Forum got together and enjoyed a night out, before heading onto Malmaison to join CWF.

Then on Saturday Mark Clarke and I presented our seminar on how to get 40 young activists under 40, with a focus on the target seat branches. We had a great mix of PPCs, agents, association chairman and officers, and some existing CFers. After a short speech from Mark and I, we opened up for questions, and a lively discussion. From the comments afterwards, it appeared that Associations and PPCs found it useful, and hopefully will be putting it into practice when they get back to their constituencies.

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Spring Forum

The Conservative Party Spring Forum is taking place on Friday 14th and Saturday 15th March in Newcastle. CF have two events over the course of the weekend.

Firstly, for all CF members, and friends of CF who might not quite be under 30! we have a drinks event organised by Karen Allen.

CF are holding their Spring Forum reception at Revolution Bar, details of the event are as follows:

Friday 14th March from 7pm @ Revolution

Address: Collingwood Street, Newcastle, NE1 1JF

Cash Bar in operation. We have the Blue Corner reserved exclusively for CF. Look forward to seeing you there.

Secondly, I am running with Mark Clarke, an event for Association Chairman and PPCs on CF branches in our marginal seats. If your Association Chairman or PPC might be interested, please pass on the details, and ask for them to get in touch with me at clairepalmer22@yahoo.co.uk. The event will be on Saturday 15th March from 12.30-1.30pm in the MEC Katherine Shears Studio, at the Sage Gateshead.

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

CF Election Results

The news has just come in with the results of the CF elections. I wasn't at the count but the news from current Chairman, Mark Clarke is that the new team is as follows:

Chairman: Michael Rock
(Daryl Williams came second, and Matt Richardson third)

Executive (in alphabetical order as I do not know how the polling went):
  • Anastastia Beaumont-Bott
  • Adele Douglas
  • Christian May
  • Owen Meredith
  • Steven Ricketts
  • Patrick Sullivan
From what I know this is a fairly geographically diverse Executive - for example Christian coming from Exeter Uni, Steven Ricketts from Plymouth, Adele Douglas from Manchester, Owen from Staffordshire. It is also a completely fresh Executive with none of the existing team making it back in for another term.

Firstly to the seven of them, congratulations. I wish them all the very best of success in the year to come and as I have said in relation to whoever was elected I will be offering my full support to them.

I hope also that those who haven't made it onto the Executive or as Chairman will remain fully involved in Conservative Future, and will consider putting their hat in the ring again in the future.

These elections haven't always been nice, but I hope that all of that will be put all of that behind them, accept the result and that everyone will work towards making CF bigger, and better, and most importantly towards a Conservative victoy in May 2008 and even more importantly helping David Cameron to No.10.

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Campaigning in Bow

I was out today in Bow campaigning for Phil Briscoe who is standing for the City & East GLA seat. If anyone would like to get involved, please do drop me a line, and I will get you involved in the campaign team. The more the merrier!

This coming Thursday (6th March) there is a Boris Johnson fundraising breakfast in Canary Wharf, for £25. Let me know if you would like tickets.

Election Count

I understand the election count will be held on Tuesday 4th March with results being posted online as soon as they are available.

I wish all the candidates the best of luck with the results. I will be continuing to offer my support to the new Executive and Chairman should they wish to utilise my experience. Additionally, any CF branch requesting assistance in setting up a branch are more than welcome to speak to me. As ever, drop me a line at clairepalmer@consevativefuture.com.