Tuesday, 4 March 2008

CF Election Results

The news has just come in with the results of the CF elections. I wasn't at the count but the news from current Chairman, Mark Clarke is that the new team is as follows:

Chairman: Michael Rock
(Daryl Williams came second, and Matt Richardson third)

Executive (in alphabetical order as I do not know how the polling went):
  • Anastastia Beaumont-Bott
  • Adele Douglas
  • Christian May
  • Owen Meredith
  • Steven Ricketts
  • Patrick Sullivan
From what I know this is a fairly geographically diverse Executive - for example Christian coming from Exeter Uni, Steven Ricketts from Plymouth, Adele Douglas from Manchester, Owen from Staffordshire. It is also a completely fresh Executive with none of the existing team making it back in for another term.

Firstly to the seven of them, congratulations. I wish them all the very best of success in the year to come and as I have said in relation to whoever was elected I will be offering my full support to them.

I hope also that those who haven't made it onto the Executive or as Chairman will remain fully involved in Conservative Future, and will consider putting their hat in the ring again in the future.

These elections haven't always been nice, but I hope that all of that will be put all of that behind them, accept the result and that everyone will work towards making CF bigger, and better, and most importantly towards a Conservative victoy in May 2008 and even more importantly helping David Cameron to No.10.

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Tim Roll-Pickering said...

The figures were:


Michael David Rock 291
Daryl Williams 249
Matthew Richardson 228


Christian May 413
Adele Douglas 400
Owen Meredith 380
Steve Rickets 378
Anastasia Beaumont-Bott 358
Patrick Sullivan 347
Matt Lewis 339
Karen Allen 323
Charlie Groome 320
Craig Cox 299
Anne-Marie Bray 273