Saturday, 15 March 2008

CF Success at Spring Forum

I have just got back from a successful Spring Forum up in Newcastle, having braved the journey back with a number of Chelsea Football fans and some Conservatives. We were told that the police on the train were for the football fans, and not us!

David Cameron made a number of announcements, but the real focus of the weekend was the importance of the family, and our proposals for supporting, encouraging and rewarding those that stay together, no matter what type of family arrangement.

On Friday night, CF took over Newcastle Revolution as members of the old and new NME, Newcastle CFers and those who had come to Spring Forum got together and enjoyed a night out, before heading onto Malmaison to join CWF.

Then on Saturday Mark Clarke and I presented our seminar on how to get 40 young activists under 40, with a focus on the target seat branches. We had a great mix of PPCs, agents, association chairman and officers, and some existing CFers. After a short speech from Mark and I, we opened up for questions, and a lively discussion. From the comments afterwards, it appeared that Associations and PPCs found it useful, and hopefully will be putting it into practice when they get back to their constituencies.

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