Saturday, 12 April 2008

Letter in the Tower Hamlets Recorder

The following letter has been published in the Newham Recorder, incorporating the Tower Hamlets Recorder:

Let's Catch the Bus to Change

Dear Sir,

Under this Labour Government, and this Labour Mayor, crime and antisocial behaviour by a small minority is out of control, having a huge effect on the majority of law abiding Londoners. In particular graffiti blights our localities, and in Tower Hamlets crime on buses is one of the worst in London. With music being increasingly played out loud on buses, fare evasion increasing on bendy buses and under 16s riding around with their free passes and making the upper decks out of bounds for law abiding Londoners, it is time for a change.

Boris Johnson made a positive start in this direction, by launching his ‘Payback London ’ scheme. Designed to tackle anti-social behaviour on buses, it would make misbehaving youngsters earn back their free passes by cleaning up graffiti and undertaking community projects. Hopefully it will not only make life better for everyone travelling on the buses, but it will also encourage offenders to respect the community to which they belong. Once they have cleaned up graffiti or contributed to the local community, they may have more pride in the local area.

The proposals will cut advertising budgets, and instead, spend Londoners' hard-earned money on over 400 police officers for buses, and fund up to 26,000 weapon scanners to help Police fight knife crime in the capital.

That's why I will be voting for positive change with Boris on May 1st. Not settling for another 4 years of shoulder-shrugging and blaming it on television and video games.

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