Thursday, 24 April 2008

Strikes ...

As I write this I can hear the chants and music from Lincoln's Inn Fields behind me of the numerous teachers on strike today, as it seems to be the place that those London teachers on strike are gathering for their rally.

I do sympathise with the teachers as their pay has not increased in line with the crippling energy payments, increases in food costs, and having taken account of Labour's numerous stealth taxes. There are just one example of those that do a fantastic and incredibly necessary job that are struggling financially under this Labour Government.

But I worry that once again with a period of Labour in power, the country is held to ransom by those striking, and the Unions, whether it is teachers, civil servants, or tube workers.

Ken Livingstone has failed to limit the power of the unions to disrupt Londoners journeys to work in the capital. Gordon Brown has failed to make life fair for those on public sector wages, who need the Government to assist them financially in these difficult times. Instead he has squandered money in the good times, and cannot help now that the bad times are on their way.

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