Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Deputation at the Coucil

Earlier last week I presented a petition at the Council asking Labour to do the decent thing and freeze any council tax increase, so that Tower Hamlets residents can have certainty on spending in one area in the current credit crunch.

I delivered my speech asking for a freeze on council tax, requesting the Council to confirm that elderly and children's services could cope in the current climate, and also to consider lowering business rates. The need to ensure that businesses survive is paramount, espcially when you consider the knock on effects to the local community when businesses fold, leading to lost jobs, and a loss to the local area.

One area I suggested cutting to make the savings was by scrapping East End Life, Labour's propoganda magazine. Unfortunately Labour booed and jeered to this, and one councillor pointed out that many local residents use it for TV listings, which was one of the reasons to keep it! Needless to say I disagreed.

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