Monday, 16 March 2009

Local Fires

I have just seen on the news this evening the shocking news about the fire this afternoon in the Gudwara Sikh Sangat, in Harley Grove, Bow. Reports from the ELA suggest that "Ten emergency fire crews were mobilised from all over East London to the sangat at Harley Grove in Bow where fire broke out soon after lunch on the first floor, after the Fire Brigade received several 999 calls at 2.10pm."

Fortunately it appears that noone was hurt, but the damage is to the place of worship itself as well as the holy books stored on the premises.

This is the second fire in the last few days in Bow, with a local business on Fairfield Road on fire on Wednesday night. On that night, I witnessed the immense work that the fire crews did to get that fire under control, and to give local residents the comfort that the fire was out.

If the fires are deliberate, it is hoped that perpetrators will be caught and brought swiftly to justice. Seeing the fires so close to home last week is a stark reminder of how much damage fire can do, and what a fantastic job our local (and not so local) fire crews do.

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