Friday, 6 March 2009

Mayor's Question Time

Last night I attended the People's Question Time event at York Hall, where the public had an opportunity to ask questions of the Mayor, and also of the GLA members.

The event covered a range of topics from crime, housing, the environment, to transport and then a general session at the end to cover everything else.

The event was chaired by John Biggs, the Labour GLA member for City & East. After a somewhat rocky start the event got under way properly: a man wearing a flipper on his hand (don't ask - I didn't understand it either) kept interrupting and had to be ejected from the hall.

Whilst it was a good opportunity to allow questions from the public, there were some organisational issues. The public questions submitted in advance, there was no notification as to whether your question was selected, and due to John's eyesight there seemed to be hardly any questions from the back of the hall.

The Mayor did a good job to explain what he has done, and what he is planning to do in the future, to ensure that London is safe and clean, and that the Olympics bring positive impact to small business and large.

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