Friday, 20 March 2009

The Plans have NOT changed but have been resubmitted

Plans to Build on Former Safeway Car Park

Following objections last year the developers made some changes to the proposed building on the Safeway Car Park. They were very similar to the previous plans. They still involve building a 4/5 to 10-storey development on the car park. The only real change is that the plan for 221 flats has been reduced to 208. After a letter threatening Judicial Review, the developers have resubmitted the SAME application!

2000 people signed petitions against the original proposal – an unprecedented level of objection, which deserved serious consideration. This was ignored by Labour Councillors – and the original objections may not count in this latest round of ‘consultation’. The development:

· Visually it will do nothing to enhance the area as it will be built right out to the car park wall along Anglo and Cardigan Road. It would be over twice the height of the Lord Cardigan and will look like a huge fortress has been dumped on the area. A 10 storey tower block would rise out of it in Vernon Road.
· The current car park would be replaced by just 30 pay and display places in an underground car park. This is nowhere near enough, and will kill off the shops and market.
· It is claimed the retail element (a small Metro & 2 small shops) will deliver 125 full-time jobs.
· Transport: articulated lorries are supposed to travel north up Cardigan Road, through no entry signs and turn left down the middle of a street market

Everyone wants a supermarket and the plan includes a food retail space. This is being used by developers to negotiate the best deal for themselves. They are putting pressure on the Council to agree the plans. People are saying that Tesco are interested in a Metro sized store but the Council cannot guarantee that Tesco or any other chain will take on the space. This site will take at least 30 months to build and during that time huge changes can happen to a company’s objectives, ownership and financial standing. It didn’t take Morrison’s long to shut our local Safeway.

There is a danger that Bow will be blighted for years to come by a totally inappropriate development because of promises of a supermarket that either fails to materialise, or that opens and then closes two years later.

This proposed development would have a negative impact on Bow by removing a lot of car parking space. It will force shops and the market to close. Residents adjacent to the site would be facing a huge brick wall. It destroys an open space that could be used for something better. This is too high a price to pay for the promise of a supermarket.

The developers and the council have listened to previous objections as they have modified the plans. If more people object again they will have to listen. If you agree with us please write to:

Tower Hamlets Planning Department
Mulberry Place
5 Clove Crescent
London E14 1BY

Quote reference PA/09/00203&209 2 Gladstone Place

Make it clear that you are objecting and explain why. Use your own words or use our standard letter. The deadline has theoretically passed. Get them in quickly. We are insisting they extend the deadline.

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