Saturday, 2 May 2009

Misleading Labour Letter

I've been meaning to blog about this letter for a while. In the 16th April edition of the East London advertiser there was a letter from Bow East councillors thanking members of hte public for attending the You Decide event. Nothing wrong with that, but they go onto say that residnets agreed to buy in two extra police officers for Bow's Safer Neighbourhood Teams.

That isn't what happened. Residents eventually got to vote for one extra police officer, but Cllr Peck had to explain that a decision would have to be made whether it went to Bow East or Bow West. Not wanting to upset half of the attendees Cllr Peck suggested that they could pull forward some money from the budget to pay for it.

Whilst it is great news that there will be an extra police officer, following up with misleading letters, and changing things as they see fit, is a worrying way to do democracy.

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