Saturday, 16 May 2009

Police Raid Matchmaker

As a member of the Bow East SNT (Safer Neighbourhood Team) Ward Panel, I was invited along by the local police to witness the raid on the Matchmaker pub on Roman Road.

There have been frequent problems, particularly on a Friday night, and numerous complaints had been raised by local residents. The Police had tried very hard to sort the problem out without resorting to strong tactics, but the interventions did not appear to have worked.

So, on Friday night (6th May) the local SNT along with a number of extra resources set out to raid the pub, and to see exactly what was going on. 80 police officers including those from the TSG wearing riot helmets stormed the premises at around 8.30pm. The helmets were necessary bearing in mind the amount of glass in the pub, and the risk to the police officers.

A number of arrests were made for offences including possession of a lock knife, and drug offences. It is understood that a significant amount of Class A drugs were found.

The Matchmaker has now agreed to close on a Friday night, which should give the Roman Road back to residents on a Friay. This shows the power of local people, and the local SNT. Sgt Tony Mohan and his team are doing a fantastic job. If you want to get in touch with the team, contact them on

Tel: 0208 721 2807

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