Wednesday, 17 June 2009

BBCC - Special Guest: The High Commissioner

Today I attended an event on investing in Bangladesh, run by the BBCC, British Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce. The event was well presented and well attended by a number of prominent Bangladeshi businessmen, from all political backgrounds, and from around the country. The highlight of the day though was the special guest, the High Commissioner of Bangladesh, who had attended the event as his first official engagement since his appointment.

I was fortunate to sit opposite the High Commissioner at lunch, and to hear about his experiences to date and some of the thoughts for his three year appointment.

More details to follow.

Congratulations to S.B. Faruk for his organisation of the event.

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ALI AKKAS said...

Thank you for your kind words about the BBCC. I hope you will provide more details about the seminar and your thoughts about "investing in Bangladesh". I join you in congratulating Mr S B Faruk. I believe Mr Faruk and his team doing excellent work.