Sunday, 4 October 2009

Off to Manchester

I am on my way up to Manchester for Conservative Party Conference. This will be a very interesting year, and is a real opportunity for the Conservatives to show that they are ready to govern.

While the polls look good, it must be remembered quite what a steep climb there is for the Conservatives to win at the next election. To have a majority of just 1 (Labour's current majority is over 100) we need to win 117 seats. This is significantly higher than the number of seats won by Margaret Thatcher in the historic election victory in 1979, and requires a massive swing, which has not been achieved since the 1930s.

No doubt there will be much mention of there being no room for complacency. This is not just a political statement, but absolutely the case. We need to convince voters across the country to throw out this Labour Government and to give the Conservatives a chance.

I have every confidence that the Conservative team will deliver strong policy announcements on the big issues, and the issues that matter most to people, but also that there is strength in the team, and that alongwith David Cameron, the team can and will deliver, if people give us the opportunity to govern this country.

All quite exciting really ...

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